Location – Friesland

Friesland is one of the most northern provinces of the Netherlands. It is beautifully flat with lots of green fields, cows and water in the form of canals, lakes and of course the North Sea.

In the middle of Friesland is our picturesque village, Eernewoude. Eernewoude is an old traditional Frisian village but nowadays boasts a lot of modern amenities. Back in the old days a lot of fishermen and farmers lived in Eernewoude and the little alleyways, traditional houses and churches are still here today. Eernewoude and our cottage are situated in the beautiful national park ‘De Alde Feanen’ where you can enjoy nature by foot or by bicycle.

In Eernewoude and close to our cottage you can find: shops, restaurants, cafes, a swimming pool, two museums, walking and cycling routes, harbour, lakes, a small beach, bird watching huts, a stork nesting station, viewing platforms and multiple rental companies for among others bicycles, canoes and boats.

Eernewoude is surrounded by water so during summer time you will be able to enjoy a range of water sports such as sailing and canoeing.

Friesland and Eernewoude are not only great to enjoy during summer, spring or fall but also in the winter there are plenty of things to do. When the temperatures drop and the lakes freeze up it is beautiful to go ice skating on natural ice. In recent years we had one of the season’s first ice skating tours of the Netherlands running practically through our backyard.

Our cottage “It Foarhûs” is right in the centre of Friesland and from here you will be able to enjoy everything that this unique province has to offer. From Eernewoude it’s only a short drive to Drachten, Grou, and the cities from the famous “Elfstedentocht”, a 200km ice skating tour that passes the 11 cities of Friesland. The last tour was held in 1997 as since then the ice has not been thick enough for the tour to be safe. Fortunately you can also do the tour by bicycle any time of the year. The capital city of Friesland, Leeuwarden, is only a 15 minute drive from Eernewoude and this town will be the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018 for good reason.

As you can read, there is plenty to do in Friesland and Eernewoude. We hope to welcome you soon!

For an impression of Eernewoude and surroundings you can click here for photos and below the promotional film.

  • An unexpected holiday to Friesland in It Foarhûs, what a cosy place! Despite the not so great weather we had a fantastic holiday. Fortunately we’ve been able to use your boat as experiencing Friesland from the water is a “must”! 

    To summarise, you live in a beautiful place with lots of water and It Foarhûs is definitely recommended!

    Lilianne, Camiel en Jip