Facilities Cottage It Foarhûs

Voormalig Stelpboerderij

Our self-catering apartment is situated in the front section of a Frisian farmhouse built in 1928. The cottage has been completely renovated in 2010 and currently offers modern amenities for a comfortable stay while keeping its original and nostalgic feel.

Interior It Foarhûs

WiFi Internet

The interior of the cottage consists of:

  • Hallway entree, separate toilet, bathroom with sink, shower and bath. Towels are included.
  • Living room with TV, DVD player, radio/cd player and free WiFi.
  • Fully equipped kitchen and basement/pantry for storage.
  • Dining area / Bedroom, two unique Dutch “bedsteden” (Closet-beds) with comfortable double mattresses (bedding, sheets etc. included).
  • Central heating.

Appels Plukken Mag

Outside the cottage you’ll find great views, lots of greenery and space. It Foarhûs has a large garden with a terrace and trampoline. We also have chickens so you can pick your own free-range eggs in the morning. There are also trees with various fruits like apples and pears which you can pick and eat when they are ripe.

Pets are welcome

Parkeren op Eigen Terrein

Pets are welcome in our cottage, dogs for example have lots of outside space to enjoy. We also have a field especially available for horses so you are welcome to take your horse or pony as well. Parking is available with enough space for your horse or boat trailer.

Suitable for up to 4 persons


The cottage is suitable for up to four persons and a pet. Smoking is not permitted inside but feel free to smoke outside. The front of the farmhouse has its own entrance for your comfort and privacy.

During your stay you have the option to hire our fishing/tour motorboat. We can also organise mooring space at a jetty if you would like to take your own boat. We live in the back of the old Frisian farmhouse with our family so we are at hand to help create an unforgettable time.


  • After 2 weeks in It Foarhûs we are trying to delay our departure for as long as possible. We really enjoyed the beautiful view, sleeping in the bedstee, the spacious house and the trampoline and swings…and of course the chickens! We would love to come back.

    Fam. Montier-Borch